Be a hero to our children

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Parents have a fundamental right to raise their children as they see fit, and society presumes that parents will act in their children’s best interest. When parents do not protect their children from harm or meet their basic needs—as with cases of child abuse and neglect—society has a responsibility to intervene to protect the health and welfare of these children.
  Any intervention into family life on behalf of children must be guided by State laws, sound professional standards for practice, and strong philosophical underpinnings.
• Safety.  All children have the right to live in an environment free from abuse and neglect.  The safety of children is the paramount concern that must guide child protection efforts.
• Permanency.  Children need a family and a permanent place to call home.  A sense of continuity and connectedness is central to a child’s healthy development.
• Child and family well-being. Children deserve nurturing families and environments in which their physical, emotional, educational, and social needs are met.  Child protection practices must take into account each child’s needs and should promote the healthy development of family relationships.
The St. Martin’s Remedial School cater for approximately 30 learners from grade R to Grade 6 who have not coped within mainstream Schools
Pupils at St. Martin’s remedial School have been identified as being in need of intensive work in a small class environment with the aim of returning them to an age appropriate grade in public schools.
The St. Martin’s Remedial School follows the South African Department of Education’s CAPS Curriculum overseen by 3 Educators. The School has 3 classrooms with just over 10 learners to each classroom. This facilitates the small and individualized learning environment required for this category of children.
The School’s impact can be best measured by the number of children who have been successfully returned and integrated into mainstream or long term special schools.
The school is in dire need of funding for teachers, stationary, uniforms etc.
If you wish to do a direct transfer or cash deposit to St. Martins, please use the banking details below, and once done, please fill in the following details so that we can trace your donation payment and send a thank you letter and receipt to you if it is required.


Bank: First National Bank

Branch: Davenport

Branch Code: 220226

Acc No: 50871 208 581

Swift code: FIRNJ1234