St. Martin’s Diocesan Home for Children’s main project is that of the day to day care of nearly 80 children.

The Home receives a subsidy to run the Home from the Department of Social Development, however, this only covers around two thirds of the cost of running this programme. St. Martin’s depends on additional financial support from various sources to make up for the shortfall.

The Home employs around 25 staff members to keep the Home running – from child-care workers to cooks, laundry, maintenance and administration staff.

Children placed in the care of St. Martin’s have been ordered by a court of law to be so placed because, among other things, of having been orphaned, abandoned, abused, neglected and for anti-social behavior. St. Martin’s then assumes full responsibility for the child’s physical, educational, spiritual and emotional well-being.

St. Martin’s residential facility is divided into 5 dormitories, each catering for different ages and genders.