St. Martin’s mission and vision are determined, clear and focused on the best interests of our children:

MISSION: Through its human and material resources, St Martin’s Diocesan Home for Children strives to create within children; beauty and strength.
Through love and care, inner healing is to take place enabling children to reach their full potential. In constructively meeting their physical, emotional, intellectual, social, cultural and spiritual needs, children are to grow and blossom at each developmental stage in their lives.

St. Martin’s Home also strives to build a better Society that would cause children less suffering and contribute to their well being.

VISION: Providing residential care for children committed to the Home by a court of law.
Such children may be orphaned, abandoned, abused and in need of special care. Their committal to St. Martin’s Children’s Home is seen as a temporary measure to equip them for reunification with family or a community.

Furthermore, the Home provides a range of non-residential services for children and families within it’s geographical location, in order to minimize the need for Residential Child Care.