Teaching our kids about the important issues facing our world, its people and the environment is dealt with through the 5 children’s groups. The groups meet weekly and issues are discussed and learnt about. These groups are with the assistance of the Homes Auxiliary Social Worker.


This groups aims to teach the children the importance of appreciating and respecting nature.The co-ordinators in the group organise events that will provide an opportunity for children to be in nature and to learn and respect its value to all of our lives. Issues such as littering, Global Warming among others are touched on, making sure our kids are aware of the issues that we all face in taking care of our planet.


The entertainment co-coordinators are charged with organising and planning internal and external activities for all of the kids in the Home. Together with staff they prepare for such events. This could be outings to the beach, concerts and parties within the Home and anything related to activities that our kids would enjoy.


This group takes a step back and aims at fostering awareness in the children of those who are less fortunate than themselves. The children are encouraged to look for ways to assist and support people in the communities who are in need.


Respect for the many cultures in our Country is fostered in the Culture group which organises cultural events that will highlight and expose the children in the Home to these cultures.

Peer counsellors